Planning for a disaster consists of determining exactly where you will evacuate to, and exactly how you will get yourself and your loved ones there safely. A bug out vehicle is the vehicle that you will be using to evacuate a disaster zone. SUVs, trucks, and adventure motorcycles are among the best bug out options to consider.


If you have a large family that you need to evacuate when a disaster strikes, then there is no better bug out vehicle option than an SUV. Larger SUVs typically have more seating space than any other vehicle type, with the possible exception of a minivan. Is it not uncommon to find reasonably priced SUVs that incorporate third-row seating that can help you find room for as many people as possible in a disaster situation.

Another reason to consider an SUV as a bug out vehicle is if your disaster plan calls for you to get to a remote bug out location. In that situation, you will want to consider an SUV because of its off-road capabilities. While not all SUVs on the market have four-wheel or all-wheel drive, it is not hard to find one that can tackle just about any dirt road or unpaved terrain so that you can get to your bug out location safely.


Trucks are a great choice if you find that your disaster plan requires you to transport a lot of supplies when you evacuate. The large amount of cargo space that a truck bed provides means that you do not have to worry about stocking a bug out location in advance or worry about running out of supplies. You will be able to easily put enough food, water, and fuel to get you through a few weeks or more on the truck.

Adventure Motorcycles

Finally, if you do not need to worry about getting anyone else out of a disaster area, then you will want to consider a motorcycle. A motorcycle offers you a nimble and agile option that can help you avoid or get around most obstacles or roadblocks that could keep you from evacuating a major city during a disaster.

In addition, if you purchase an adventure motorcycle, you will have a great amount of flexibility as well. The reason for this is that an adventure motorcycle is often designed to handle both paved road and off-road performance. Also, many adventure bikes are also designed for long-distance riding, which is why there will be plenty of on-bike storage options to store basic supplies.

Visit your local car dealership in order to see the many trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles that can make great bug out vehicles. An adventure bike is nimble and flexible, while an SUV can provide you with off-road options and superior passenger space. A truck is ideal if you need to move a lot of supplies when bugging out.